Chambres d'hôtes le meflatot
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Bourgogne Jura
Meflatot - Wine Course
  A clear view of Burgundy

We all know the “Autoroute du Soleil”. Each year we rush by Dijon and Lyon on the way south or to the Alps and ignore the vineyards to the west of the motorway; the treasures of Burgundy: a patchwork of wine land, appellations, producers and merchants. A complex region, often judged pricy and fickle. This is unjust because Burgundy produces heavenly and affordable wines. You can learn this at the unique course “clear view of Burgundy” at “Chambres d'hôtes le meflatot”.
A passionate Burgundy-enthusiast will guide you through this fascinating region. You can taste wines, visit cellars and meet winegrowers who cultivate and make wine from the noble ‘pinot noir’. Once the region opens itself to you, you will unavoidably be pulled into the wonderful diversity and unforgettable discoveries will await you.
We bet that the initiation of “clear view of Burgundy” will change your life with wine for ever!

Bourgogne - Chambres d'hôtes le meflatot Bourgogne - Chambres d'hôtes le meflatot Bourgogne - Chambres d'hôtes le meflatot
Jura wines, a discovery

The Jura is a desolate region with a harsh climate, a mountain range of marl and limestone. Vineyards stretch along the edge of the high plateaus from north to south over an 80 km strip. “Le Bon Pays” houses treasures that reveal the diversity of this multifaceted wine region. In the 13th century the wines of Arbois were praised in the same way as Burgundy or Bordeaux is today. Margareta of Flanders even called the sweet Macvin du Jura “Le Galant”. After phylloxera devastated the area and only 1850 of the 20,000 hectares of vineyards survived, there is only little left of the glory of yesteryear. Nevertheless the quality has only improved.
At “Chambres d'hôtes le meflatot” you can relive the tradition in the “Jura wines rediscovered” course. You can taste the exceptional Poulsard-rosé and discover aroma’s of red fruits in ruby red wines. You will be amazed at the white elegance of a Chardonnay and the character of a Savagnin and will taste the most remarkable representative of Jura wines: the Vin Jaune. To complete the whole perhaps a sweet Vin de paille with an epoisse or a Macvin with a fruity melon and a thin slice of smoked ham.

Jura - Chambres d'hôtes le meflatot Jura - Chambres d'hôtes le meflatot Jura - Chambres d'hôtes le meflatot
Chambres d'hôtes le meflatot